Indian Desk (Banking Service)

Indian expats faces many issues in opening and operating their banking transactions and dealings in India while living abroad. We at Xpat24 have partnered with premium Indian Banks that provide a wide array of services required by NRIs living in Germany.

NRO & NRE Account

We know remitting money to your family safely and regularly will be a major concern for you. Our experts will get you familiar with the NRO and NRE accounts and the benefits they provide when remitting money, explain their differences and make your account opening process hassle-free. We will address your tax concerns while transferring your money and ensure you remit money tax-free.

Indian Demat Account

A demat account will let you monitor all your investments and maintain a permanent digital account of your mutual funds, shares, or systematic investment plans. We will explain the process of opening a demat account and show you the two options to do so.

NRI Mortgage in India

An NRI mortgage is a must if you are an expat who wants to invest in property in India. We will guide you in picking a mortgage that has flexible tenures and reasonable interest rates with EMIs that you can easily pay.

Fixed & Recurring deposit

There is no better option than fixed and recurring deposits to earn returns on your investment. With us for guidance, you can pick the banks with the best interest rates and flexibility from the various options available.

Indian Investment Portfolio

Our finance partners will provide you with a customized investment portfolio based on your objectives, ensuring your risk is diversified and you receive maximum returns.