We at XPAT24 have partnered with trustworthy immigration lawyers and service providers who specialize in immigration law as well as certified Notaries registered with the regional Chamber of Notaries for contract drafting and the structuring of other legal transactions.

Immigration Service Portfolio

Business immigration: services for entrepreneurs and companies

With our tie-ups with German immigration lawyers, we handle all your legal requirements for all your immigration issues. Using their years of experience, they will provide you with comprehensive advice and practical solutions to solve all your legal worries.

Permanent residence permit applications and other issues

We handle your permanent residence permit issues by taking care of all the legalities, ensuring that you can live and work in Germany without restrictions. Our partners will guide you on the requirements and oversee your applications.

Residency by investment

We will guide you on the options available to you to get residency in Germany by investment. You will learn from us about how you can get permanent residency by investing in a business and all the legal processes involved in it.

Employment-based visas (ICT Cards, Freelance Visa)

We provide legal counsel and assistance for all Intra-corporate Transfer Card (ICT) processes, ensuring a smooth transfer of professionals from one part of your business to another.

Family reunification in Germany cases

In Germany, it can be challenging to process visa applications and work out the requirements for family reunification. We will smoothen your family reunification issues and take care of all your application requirements.

Short-term German visa applications: Schengen Visa & Business Visa

If you have a sudden requirement for a short-term German visa to attend a conference or a seminar, our experts will take care of it. They will provide clear guidance and ensure the application process is smooth.

Notary Service Portfolio

Real estate

As per German law, any deed or official contract related to real estate needs to be signed and sealed in a notary's presence. We help expats understand the notarial practices in Germany and ensure their documents are legalized properly.


Whether for company succession or property succession, our legal partners will arrange for notarial services to handle all your legal issues smoothly. We will do our best to make your life in Germany as smooth as possible by handling your legal matters.

Family law

For issues related to family law in Germany, a notary’s services are required. Our partners help you notarize family law contracts and agreements and take care of all complicated legal procedures for expats unfamiliar with German law.