Professional Solutions

We at XPAT24 have partnered with premium well experienced Professional Service providers with required understanding and ability to provide array of services required by Immigrants travelling to Germany on student visa, job-seekers visa, Direct or intercompany job holders and Expats living in Germany.

Bank Account

Portfolio Management: Finance & Insurance

We are aware of the challenges you face as an expat in Germany due to your not knowing the local language and your difficulty in understanding the different rules and regulations. We recognize your need for support in financial planning and selecting a suitable insurance product. Our partners in finance and insurance guide you in the best possible way, identify what is risky and what is relevant for you, and help you make the best investment decisions.

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Credit Card

Real Estate

Many expats in Germany want to invest in property but are unsure about how the German real estate market works. Our expat-friendly real estate agents and consultants will assist you with everything related to buying and selling property. We will help you quickly find the right apartment you need and assist you in the purchase process, and if you are selling, we will help you professionally manage the sale process.

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Demat Account


Expats may find the filing process challenging due to the language barrier and lack of knowledge of the taxation system here. Our English-speaking partners in tax, who are experts in German law, help you understand the tax system, know your tax obligations, and simplify the process of return filing. They ensure that you pay your taxes on time and help you avoid hefty fines that are levied when tax payment is delayed.

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Private Credits


Expats in Germany find the legal system complex here and need guidance on matters like immigration, business law, employment, real estate, or inheritance law. Our legal partners demystify the legal procedures, offer practical advice and assistance to expats on all issues, help in drafting legal documents, and provide personalized solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs.

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Student Desk

Our student desk will be your point of contact for the information you need related to studying in Germany. You can reach out to us for guidance on study choices, enrolment, tuition, and so on. We will clear your doubts about the application and admission processes for programmes you are interested in, help you understand the entry requirements, submit your applications, and get enrolled.

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Retirement Planning

Employee & Job Seekers Immigration Desk

Students planning to stay in Germany after finishing their studies or certain professionals who directly come to Germany to look for jobs usually take up Job-Seeker visas. Allowing our customers to focus on the job search at hand, we provide them support in visa processing as well as other products/services that are necessary for a job seeker's integration.

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Mutual Fund Investments

Indian Desk

We understand the plight of Indians living in Germany and the issues they face related to language and bureaucracy. Our team provides one-stop solutions to the queries of expats in Germany, whether they are students, employees, or entrepreneurs. Through our Indian desk, we aim to make the life of NRIs in Germany comfortable by providing them with operational support through our partners in areas of finance, real estate and taxation back home.

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