Germany is known for its pronounced bureaucracy. In the area of tax and legal, too, it is difficult for foreigners to find their way around. Especially at the beginning, it is not easy to understand the various rules and regulations.

We at XPAT24 have partnered with premium tax software entities, tax consultants and Kanzlei that provides precise tax filing and returns services fitting to expatriates living in in Germany.

Tax planning

Our English-speaking tax partners will take out the stress of dealing with German tax regulations. They will assess your income and provide strategies to minimize your tax obligations and ensure you get maximum tax benefits.

Tax filing

We will make the tax filing process easy for you and help you file your returns accurately. Through timely reminders, we will help you avoid penalties arising due to delays in filing returns.

Tax saving advisor

Our partners in tax are certified experts, will provide valuable advice on how you can save taxes and minimize your tax liability. They will guide you on how you can reduce your tax burden through tax-saving investments.

Tax Compliance advisory

Our tax experts will provide information about the different taxes in Germany you need to pay, like VAT and other indirect taxes, withholding tax, or corporate tax, and assist you in remaining tax-compliant with timely reminders to file returns and maintaining the transparency between Germany and your origin country’s tax code.