Real Estate

We at XPAT24 have partnered with premium real estate agencies and service providers that assist our multi-lingual customers by educating them, bringing them deals and implementing real estate portfolio investments.

Real Estate Investments

Investment Asset Identification

We guide you in selecting the right property to buy after considering factors like location, historical price developments, rental returns on investment, cash flow analysis as well as urban development planning.


We help you get mortgage loans by selecting the most suitable banks for you, talking to them on your behalf, and helping you submit all the documents. Our expat experts will guide you on every step to get you a mortgage with the best interest rates.

Rental Management Services

Trust us to take care of all your apartment rental management through our professional partners. We will find trustworthy tenants for your property and help you understand German regulations, and prepare the rental agreements

Property Management Services

Our associates in real estate will provide end-to-end property management services, taking care of its periodic monitoring and maintenance and renting it out on your behalf. With us you can be assured that your property is in safe hands.

State Subsidies Integration

Being expats in Germany, you may be unaware of the state subsidies that you can avail from the government while investing in real estate. Our partners ensure you will reap the benefits of all available incentives and get the federal support you are entitled to.

Tax Saving Optimization

Taxes play an important role while planning real estate investments and our partners provide the right guidance and tax savings and optimization strategies that come into action along with your property investments.

Self-Use Real Estate Services

Buy & Sell (Agents/ Makler)

Our partners in real estate will help you understand everything about the local property market, guide you through the entire process of selling and buying property, and help you learn about the fees you may need to pay.

Rental Housing

We help you find a rental apartment by understanding your requirements, budget, and location. Through us, finding a home for rent is easy.

Document Translation

All the documents need to be in German language for selling or buying property or getting apartments on a rental basis. Our partners can help translate your documents and make sure it’s legally transparent and compliant for you as a buyer or a seller.

Relocation Services: Mover & packer, Renovators

We assist in finding the right relocation partner for moving from one locality to another or within cities of Germany. Rely on us to make your moving and relocation hassle-free and smooth.