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With a thriving economy and a high standard of living, Germany is one of the best places to build your life and settle as a family. Among the largest countries in Europe, Germany is among the top destinations for skilled workers from all over the world.

Good language skills and a the right starter kit are when you move to a new country. We at XPAT24 have partnered with service providers to cater to expatriates living in or relocating to Germany.

Health Insurance

Getting health insurance is mandatory in Germany for studying or as well as working there. Our partners will guide you on how to apply for public health insurance schemes, explain the contribution rate and give details of the additional services offered.

Accommodation search support

Getting accommodation in Germany can be difficult, especially in big cities. Through the guidance of our real estate partners, you can select the right rental apartment from the various options at a suitable location.

Language support

Our language expert partners will help you overcome the language barrier by training you to speak and understand the German language, a skill that will be crucial to your integration.